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Inlead management service, established by Mr. Siraj Kareem in 2014, is a food audit and food hygiene consultancy in Chennai that offers its clients reliable and effective food safety solutions. We believe in ensuring food safety and cleanliness via constant improvement and superior support services.

The mission of Inlead Management Service is to deliver future-proof solutions via technological excellence for the success of its clients with the greatest degree of integrity. The company is customer-focused, innovative, independent, technical, quality, and safety services organisation. Anywhere, at any time, we are constantly connected to you.

We take great delight in providing services to the most well-known, prominent national and worldwide enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized organisations in a range of industries such as food, manufacturing, hotel, and retail.

A successful enterprise is achieved Possible with established procedures and regular inspections. We assist the client in effectively running their business and expanding it through a rigorous and systematic approach.


Food safety, Quality and Hygiene check.


By imparting our knowledge to those who touch food, such as those in the food business, housewives, students, and consumers in general, we can raise the bar on hygiene standards and benefit society as a whole. Our goal is to make healthy, safe food available to everyone.



Customers prefer us because they have confidence in our reputation and team. We gain that trust by making sure everything we do is dependable, consistent, and of the greatest calibre of integrity.


We apply leadership in all of our responsibilities and uphold them successfully.

Be proactive and return the situation in a better state than when we found it. Adopt an ownership approach.

We complete our assignments with the highest commitment, leaving a delighted client, thanks to our passion for winning.

Embrace an ownership mentality

Be proactive and return the matter more advantageous than when we found it.

Passion for Winning

To the delight of our clients, we accomplish our tasks with the utmost dedication, leaving a satisfied customer.


In each place where we do business, we have built a reputation based on respect and trust.

Relationship focused

Are you Opening or looking to expand your food business, we are there to meet you where you are. We invest our time to learn about your business so that we deliver innovative food safety solutions that meets your needs.

Education centric

Trying to educate the food safety requirements which will make you overwhelming. Food safety is a complex business. We simplify it with an educational approach to the services we deliver. When you choose to make us your partner, you’ll come to understand what’s needed and why.

Results driven

Your facility requires an up gradation in food safety. Whatever you’re objectives and ideas, our team of food safety professionals has the skill and experience to help you achieve them successfully.

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